About Us

SmartMom was developed by Optimal Birth BC in partnership with the BC Ministry of Health, the Northern Health Authority, the First Nations Health Authority, and Perinatal Services BC in consultation with pregnant women, new mothers, and practicing nurses, doctors, midwives and experts in environmental health and nutrition. SmartMom has been endorsed by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.

Optimal Birth BC is a program funded by CIHR and BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute in Vancouver, BC. Optimal Birth members include nurses, doctors, midwives, and specialists in environmental health and health communication. Optimal Birth BC works with health authorities across the province to optimize practices for improved maternity care.

SmartMom was developed in response to a request from the Northern Health Authority to provide prenatal education to women who are not able to attend prenatal education classes. Canadian technology companies MEMOTEXT and Impact Mobile helped us build the tools to deliver SmartMom.

SmartMom is grateful for the generous support of its funders: The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and The Alva Foundation.